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    Playing RTS

    Post by flakpanzer on Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:37 pm

    Playing the RTS part of the map to get the most of your Units

    Guards with no vehicles will make you the most money but remember they are extremely slow on the map so choose wisely where you want to go. They also supplement the vehicles on the map so if you see someone put in lots of motorized guards and motorized infantry help that guy out with some more guards. This way your unit will be used as well as his. You will gain exp as well as his and he won't lose as much WF (warfunds) or yourself. Also be careful not to send your guards down a line that was already closed on an attack, as the line that is close won't supplement the units that are in battle for other lines.

    Motorized Guards, Motorized infantry, Mechanized infantry
    These are your attacking units! When playin the game and you see yourself attacking a town think about what line you will be on and if you were in that town what would you like to have? Remember you are the one giving the FPS players the units to use. Don't think about what it will costs you if all the units are used because if the unit is not used you won't make anything from it either. Send in what you think would be a good number. I have found 120 cars and about 60-80 bikes is good enough for attack battle. 30 APCs is good enough for an attack per line of attack.


    Light tanks
    Work great when you push them in on an attack when the other team only has infantry. If you plan on having light tanks in a battle don't push them into a battle first. Send them in after the battle has started and the game is full of players as this will weed out the noobs who just join battles to level up the tankers they have and use up all your units. Most players who have qued up for your battle went into the battle thinking that there is only infantry in the game.

    Medium Tanks
    Work great when you push them in on an attack and the city has only light tanks. If you plan on using your mediums follow the same instructions as the light tank group info above

    Heavy Tanks
    Work great against medium TDs and Light tanks. If you plan on using your Heavy's follow the instructions from above about mediums and lights

    Planes work great against paratroopers! But if the enemy team sends in planes of their own make sure the people in your squad know how to fly as you will more then likely lose your entire unit! Also planes work great against all tank types as they will kill all of em if seen. Again send this unit in after battle has started.

    Now this unit is interesting. This is an attacking unit. Works on defense too but better on attacks. Timing is key to this unit on attacks and pushes. If you see that you are winning a battle on an attack you can alt tab out of the FPS game and send in your paratroopers to the next town blocking them so you can attack again the next town. This will also prevent the players who have units to retreat. Also remember to make battles fun you need 216 infantry. If you see the opposition only send out 90 troops you can parablock them and by send your paratroopers to the city and then push your units to that line and auto resolve the line in your favor to continue your attacks.
    But remember that if you lose the battle because most of the time paratroopers land behind enemy lines they will land on a line that we don't control and if you lose the battle the unit will go into rebuilding. So its a risk! If you don't want to risk the loss of the unit send them in after the battle started and they will land on a friendly line.

    Recon will give you the best vision on the map for units in your area of either friendly or enemy. The higher the unit the more vision. Mechanized recon has the best vision on the map! Pushing a recon unit into a map is best used like pushing in your tanks. Recons are best used on defenses! But can be used for attacks if you get a few players who are good on your team with them. A recon to make WFs for you has to kill 1 infantry for his life to make sense on the battle field Smile. Like I said Recons are cheap!

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